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There is a great difference in “traditional” writing and blogging. Bloggers want virtual conversations and discussions, most times. Traditional writers… well, I won’t speak for them. I’m not that traditional  And you’re right – it is fun and fulfilling!

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I think it takes some skill to wrap-up in an open-ended way and still maintain some conviction. Fortunately, it seems like one of those fun and rewarding skills. Thanks for the comon sense nudge — and for putting a question mark in the title. That’s become an epidemic.

14 april 2020 10:27 av 바카라


This advice seems like one more example of the differences between traditional writing and writing to encourage conversation. Many were taught to attract interest, build the case, and conclude with a point the reader feels comfortable taking to the bank.

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I haven’t gotten many comments or subscribers, but hopefully people will eventually take a shine to it and find discussions they can start with me and other visitors.

14 april 2020 10:25 av 모바일카지노


but I really like them! They are an honest open reflection of who I was when I wrote each one. So it is like a living journal that also serves to expose more people to my artwork.

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