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cranberries. It’s a testament to the uniqueness of Swedish taste that American author Garrison Keillor claimed, “Most lutefisk is not edible by normal people.

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Stockholm, points out, “You can serve sweet jam [with] fried herring as well.” Similarly, a traditional Swedish Christmas lutefisk platter pairs lye-fermented cod with

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dish, meatballs, is often served with sweetened lingonberry jam, and as Dr. Richard Tellström, Professor of Food and Meal Sciences at the University of

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This newfound accessibility of foreign foods only highlighted a pre-existing Swedish propensity for mixing sweet and savory flavors. Sweden’s longtime national

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25 oktober 2019 14:40 av https://99man.kr


culinary oddballs such as kassler hawaii (a canned pineapple, curry, and cheese casserole) and After Eight Pears (baked preserved pears covered with mint chocolate).

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As part of embracing this improvement in living standards, people abandoned traditional Swedish cuisine in favor of new and exotic ingredients and

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a period of rapid modernization, creating a suburban middle class that enjoyed new luxuries: refrigerators, televisions, two-car garages, and exotic, foreign foods.

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The Flying Jacob’s flight path is a bit easier to understand in context. The 20th century in Sweden was a period of rapid modernization, creating a suburban

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great.” It was an overnight sensation, a simple solution to working families’ weeknight hunger, comprised of affordable ingredients.

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In their September, 1976 issue, the magazine pitched the salty-sweet, creamy-crunchy hodgepodge as the perfect party casserole, one that’s “easy to make and tastes

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