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Swedish long-distance runner from the 1940s. (Other accounts credit Jacobsson with coining the name.) With Tunberg’s encouragement, Jacobsson submitted the recipe to his magazine.

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Allt om Mat, or “All About Food.” Tunberg gave the dish its nickname, Flygande Jakob, an allusion to Jacobsson’s occupation and last name, but also a reference to a

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kitchen, threw what he found in the oven, and created the first Flying Jacob. The dish was a hit among his neighbors, including Anders Tunberg, then an editor of

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The story goes that in the summer of 1976, air-freight worker Ove Jacobsson was woefully unprepared for a neighborhood dinner party. He rummaged through his

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offered as a baby-food flavor. And it’s not a one-off—the popularity of Flying Jacob reflects a uniquely Swedish sensibility toward food.

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Swedes beg to differ. In the nearly half-century since its inception, the casserole has become ubiquitous. Peaking in popularity through the 1980s, it’s still served in

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bacon chunks and peanuts—an unusual combination of ingredients that’s been called “anti-epicurean,” and “a truly horrifying mash-up of things.”

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submerged in a mixture of whipped cream and Heinz chili sauce. After baking, it’s to be sprinkled with fried bacon chunks and peanuts—an unusual combination of

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to the contemporary food culture of Sweden.” The original recipe calls for shredded, grilled chicken topped with sliced bananas and Italian salad spice to be

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