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celery, lemon, and white pepper salad recommended to accompany grilled meats. In 1916 an argument sheltering bananas from all import customs received broad

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lower their price. Magazines and cookbooks published by advertisers flooded readers with opinion articles, banana anecdotes, and recipes, including a banana,

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published by banana ad-man Axel Blomgren titled The Wonderful World of Bananas argued, for the sake of the country, that Swedes should consume more bananas to

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roaring back. Newspaper articles touted the fruit’s nutritional benefits for children and the elderly; banana-recipe contests offered handsome rewards. A book

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Following a wartime drought in imports, a boon of “heavy [banana] propaganda,” writes Swedish economic historian Rosalia Guerrero Cantarell, brought the fruit

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1914, a steamer carrying 10,000 kilograms of the fruit sold out in just a week. “It became a symbol of both the modern and international society,” says Dr. Tellström.

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Swedish soil. The first shipment, in 1906, of two trucks carrying 200 bunches of bananas sold out in days. In 1914, a steamer carrying 10,000 kilograms of the fruit

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This Swedish culinary proclivity for bananas seems to have been encouraged almost as national policy. The fruit was one of the earliest tropical varieties to hit

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Bananas accompany many of the country’s savory dishes. The similar flaskfile med banan is a casserole of pork, bananas, peppers, cream, and curry.

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“Swedes don’t compartmentalize foods too much,” says food writer John Duxbury, and especially not when it comes to bananas, a key ingredient in the Flying Jacob.

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